Fujifilm's Newest Instant Camera is Unashamedly, Adorably Retro

By Chris Mills on at

You don’t buy an instant camera because you care about photo quality. You buy it because you yearn for a simpler, easier time, when photographs were tangible objects, and cameras came in cutesy colours and swallowed film.

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 70 is the newest addition to the existing Instax range. It adds such modern and exciting features as automatic exposure control (!!!), and a selfie mirror for better framing of selfies. There’s also three different colours: white, yellow and blue, a major departure from the grown-up leather-and-metal look of the Instax Mini 90.

Otherwise, the 70 takes the same credit-card-sized Instax Mini film, costing around a pound per shot. The camera itself will start at $140 in the US. [Fujifilm]