GAME Gift Cards Off the Present List as Branch Manager Accidentally Buys Them All

By Gary Cutlack on at

A shortage in physical gift cards in high street chain GAME led some to worry about its financial well being, before the glitch was explained as an internal error triggered by one man in one branch ordering the company's entire stock of pre-paid credit vouchers.

The anecdote originated on gaming forum NeoGAF, where users experiencing trouble buying gift cards -- and thinking this might be a sign that the chain was about to plummet into administration again -- compared stories of problems buying the gift cards.

User AD Skinner posted first, explaining: "I tried to trade some stuff in last week and was told that I couldn't put it on a gift card because there were none. I asked why (instead of assuming they were going out if business) and was told that a manager somewhere had accidentally ordered ALL THE GIFT CARDS and they were having trouble rerouting them to other stores."

Other posters have been told the same thing, with Eurogamer apparently getting confirmation of the mix up again from someone within the chain.

And yet more exclusive retail insider news was provided by NeoGAF poster and former GAME worker SmashballTaz, who dropped the bombshell that: "We ran out of carrier bags a couple of times too." [Eurogamer