Gibson's New Microphones Smear Colour All Over Your Recordings

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Do you see the microphone built into your laptop? No? That’s because it’s incredibly tiny, and probably sounds equally unimpressive. Gibson’s Neat Microphones brand wants to change that with a trio of colourful new mics that promise to make you sound better on your next Skype call or podcast.

The new line of audio input devices, dubbed the Widgets, come in three different retro-futuristic designs that look like they were taken from the desk of an old-timey radio host. And that’s a good thing, because you won’t mind them hanging around when not in use. They almost look like a series of ultra-modern but functional sculptures.

Gibson Wants Your Desktop Mic To Sound Better and Look Sleeker

The Widget ‘a’, ‘b’, and ‘c’ mics (the green, red and blue model, respectively) all feature adjustable height shockmounts, a pop filter to help minimise sudden jumps in volume, and a simple USB cable so they can be easily connected directly to your computer without the need for a pre-amp, adapters, or a messy break-out cable.

The Widget ‘a’ is the catch-all mic designed for all home or office microphone use, while the Widget ‘b’ is positioned more for use with Skype or other teleconferencing applications. The Widget ‘c’ appears to be the the fanciest of the trio, with additional “digital circuitry” to maximise audio quality and please the discerning ears of musicians, or podcast hosts who don’t want listeners to know they’re being recorded in their basements.

The three Widget mics will soon be arriving in stores like Amazon, Richtone, Woodbrass and Dawsons; the US RRP is $99 for all models – though localised prices are TBC. [Neat Microphones]