Giving up the Best Things in Life Could Keep Dementia Away

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

We all know there are big benefits to be gained from healthy living, but it's always reassuring to hear the point reiterated. Again. And again. And again. New guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) says that making the right lifestyle choices even after turning 40 can have a massive impact on our quality of life further down the line, possibly even protecting us from dementia and other disabilities.

Once we hit our twilight years, we’re going to fall apart. It's inevitable. However, NICE says we have the power to stay healthy right until we eventually kick the bucket. All we have to do is give up some of the things that make life worth living. Yep, cutting down the amount of alcohol we consume, as well as exercising more, eating healthily and abstaining from smoking are the order of the day. It all sounds very obvious, but NICE is determined to drill the point home.

The organisation also wants the government to make alcoholic drinks more expensive, extend smoke-free policies to parks, open air markets and sports grounds, and limit the number of outlets selling unhealthy foods. Nanny state what?

Image credit: Michela via Flickr