Google Doodle Does Gaming for Halloween "Candy Cup"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Clicking on Google's logo today does much more than linking you to the Wikipedia page of some dead scientist or a token woman chosen in a panic because there hasn't been a woman one for months, with the search giant deciding to celebrate the continual dumbing down of Halloween by creating an aptly terrible Flappy Bird clone.

The "Candy Cup" is some sort of global contest, where people press the space bar to make a cartoon character fly. The cartoon character collects sweets, which Americans know as candy, to appease the multinational confectionary industry and the pharmaceutical firms that rake it in from treating the effects of Type 2 diabetes. The sweets get added up at the end, creating an arbitrary global total number allocated to the colour you chose. Yellow is currently in the lead.

Anyway. It's a literally abysmal game with no point, but it's free and something to do, and maybe it gets better if you play it for more than 20 seconds like I did, although it's still unlikely to trouble the top end of Metacritic. [Google]