Google Patents Headmount With Holograms

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new and amazingly futuristic patent application filed by Google has been uncovered, one that sees the tech giant imagining a future where holographic headsets are commonplace and, even more wildly fantastic, that Google Glass had made a comeback.

The actual patent is for "An optical apparatus for a head wearable display [that] includes a lightguide, in-coupling holograms, and an out-coupling optical element," with technical specifications that suggest it's looking at a Google Glass mkII or mkIII with the ability to superimpose augmented reality features atop the real world. A CG fat person could fall down any stairs you see, for example, adding some hilarity to the commute, or you could sit in bed playing Minecraft on the duvet cover in a similar fashion to that postulated by Microsoft's rather similar Hololens.

The Google patent application continues to expand on the technicalities of the idea, which would appear to cover some of the groundwork prepared by AR startup Magic Leap -- a stealthy gaming company that's apparently benefited from some of Google's speculative venture cash in the past. [TechCrunch]