Over-65s Being Overcharged, Poorly Treated and Ignored by UK Energy Companies

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Old people are being taken for a ride by energy suppliers, according to new research from Ombudsman Services and Age UK. Hundreds of thousands of our beloved grannies and granddads are being overcharged and receiving crap customer service, but aren’t complaining about it due to either not wanting to kick up a fuss, feeling intimidated, or simply being ignored.

Going around in circles with energy suppliers is something far too many of us can relate to, but it's especially worrying now that winter’s freezing fingers are knocking at our doors. Many over-65s say they have to complain repeatedly in order to be noticed, and even then, jack-all is done to help them. Billing has been highlighted as the biggest issue, with elderly customers frequently being overcharged when they try to switch energy providers. That's because many companies aren’t actually explaining that customers need to instruct their banks to stop transferring cashola.

"The energy sector has not covered itself in glory for treating customers fairly in recent years," said Age UK's Mervyn Kohler. "Yet the process of making a complaint, and getting help to resolve that complaint, is getting easier." She recommends keeping records of all communication with energy providers, noting down what actions have been promised. If, after eight weeks, nothing has changed, it's time to get in touch with Ombudsman Services. They'll sort shit out.

Image credit: Sanil Kumar via Flickr