The Best Gifts to Ensure You Have a Spooktastic Halloween

By Tom Pritchard on at

Next Saturday is Halloween. It's the time of year where you're terrorised by neighbour children demanding sweets or you're forced to go to a party in sort sort of daft costume. Ok it's not quite that bad, and that's a very cynical outlook, but you get what I mean.

The spookiest day of the year is coming, and you want to make sure you have a great day you should check out some of these great Halloween and horror-themed gifts.

The Walking Dead Seasons 1-5 Box Set, From £60

Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without The Walking Dead around to give you your zombie fix. Season 6 just started, so it's the perfect time to get caught up on the past five years. You could spend Halloween night watching horror movies, or you could spend all week binging on some zombie-fuelled TV action. [Buy it here]

Digital Dudz Beating Heart Shirt, £10

Digital Dudz have made a big name for themselves due to the fact you can use your phone to simulate various gorey special effects. This t-shirt is one such example, and if you're stuck for a Halloween costume it'll do nicely. It's an easy costume for a party, and it looks like you put a lot of effort into it. If you have the cash to spare, you could also grab yourself one of Digital Dudz's masks. [Buy it here]

Lego Ghostbusters Ecto 1, £48

Halloween is a spooky time, and if some strange stuff goes down who you gonna call? You can't actually call the Ghostbusters, but at least you can pretend their Lego counterparts will fight back against the spirits of the Lego that got sucked up the vacuum cleaner. Plus, it would also be cool to build this while watching the movies right? [Buy it here]

Help Me Shower Curtain, £7

Throwing a party? You could terrify some people by throwing this bad boy up in your bathroom. You're bound to get a few screams from everyone the first time they head in there. The good thing is that if they get a little bit too scared they're already in the bathroom. You could also add to the whole get-up with a bathmat that looks like it's bleeding when you get it wet. [Buy it here]

Skull USB Hub, £20

Unless your name is Phoebe Buffay, Halloween is the only time of year you can take enjoy having a skull around the house. Rather than having a boring model skull decorating your house, make it useful by choosing this skull-shaped 4-port USB 2.0 hub. You can also add to the aesthetic with this slightly gorey USB stick that makes the term 'thumb drive' a little bit to literal. [Buy it here]

Annoy-a-tron Prankster Pack, $15/£10There are few things in life quite like scaring the hell out of your friends for your own amusement, and one great way to do that is with weird noises. There are three of these teeny-tiny gadgets, and one of them (the Eviltron) has five different creepy sounds that will play at random intervals. The main advantage is that because it's so small its easily hideable. If you want something that also has a secondary use, try a Bluetooth speaker bulb instead. Not only does it double as a smart bulb, who the hell looks at the light when they hear something weird? [Buy it here]

Webcaster Gun, £48

Ever wondered how people get those fake spider webs all over their house for Halloween? Chances are some of them used something like this. It is, as the name suggests, a gun for spraying fake webbing over the place for whatever reason. Just pop in a web stick (five are included) and you can get to work. Then you just have to worry about cleaning it all up before Christmas. [Buy it here]

Mummy Headset Wrap, £4

Everything has had to suffer through earphone cables tangling up in your bag or pockets, and it's infuriating to have to untangle them. If you can't get them to stop, try one of these out for size. Just wrap the cable round the mummy like a secondary layer of bandages, and it should keep them nice and neat for later use. [Buy it here]

Until Dawn (PS4), £42

Horror movies are boring and generic these days, but what about a video game that lets you control the actions of the dumbass teenagers involved? That's something completely different. Until Dawn has had a lot of positive reception, simply because it's a slasher movie where you can decide whether the protagonists should go and investigate the creepy noises or split up and search for clues. That means if they die a horrific death, it's all your fault. [Buy it here]

Michael Myers Pop! Vinyl, £11

These lists always tend to end up with a Pop! Vinyl, because they're weird but also slightly awesome. So in the spirit of the season, I figured the star of a classic horror movie would be perfect. With that in mind, who better to include at Halloween than Halloween antagonist Michael Myers? Just place this beauty on the shelf and you can have one of classic horror's creepiest villains stare back at you all night long. [Buy it here]

Bonus: Super Soaker Double Drench Blaster, £6

For the person who hates being bothered by meddlesome trick or treaters. Spraying water isn't a crime, so hit them with this and you can keep all that delicious chocolate to yourself. [Buy it here]