Have You Got the Five Basic Digital Skills?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A digital skills charity has warned that more than 12 million people in the UK and 1 million business have fallen down the learning gap, missing out on the potential benefits of doing nothing on the internet all day.

The data comes from Go.on, which says that 23 per cent of UK adults don't have their basic digital skills. They are, according to Go, the ability to manage personal information without phoning a more technically able relative, being able to communicate online, managing financial data including making payments, solving problems (like learning how to play the ukulele via YouTube instructional videos) and the ability to create things with imaging tools.

Fail any of those and you're likely to be missing out on the rich tapestry of modern digital life. Go came to the conclusion that 12 million people aren't tech savvy enough by polling 4,000 adults, assembling a heat map to show were the least able people are likely to live within the UK. Your dad's house is clearly marked as a dead zone.

And it's even worse in the charity sector, says Go, where three in five charities are floundering along without their managers and staff having the skills needed to raise money and awareness online, failing even to master basic social media to spread their message. [Go.on via BBC]

Image credit: Laptop user from Shutterstock