Hipsterfied Worms Could Soon Become Our Incredible Earth-Saving Pets

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Worms are the future. The slimy wrigglers have been hailed as unlikely heroes in our bid to become more environmentally-friendly. Redworms specifically are becoming increasingly popular house pets (of sorts) in various European towns and cities, according to the Guardian, with residents being encouraged to feed them organic household waste, as they can quickly transform the stuff into lovely, plant-friendly compost. Trendy startups have seen an opportunity to cash in on the trend, and have started producing hip new worm boxes that would look pretty in your home.

Organic waste is often burned up alongside regular waste, which is a bit of a waste. Redworms will happily gobble up our unwanted scraps of food, and also turn it into something useful. It’s an easy process to kick off too, requiring little more than a bucket, a handful of worms and a load of rubbish. WormUp, a company that uses the slogan, "This isn't just composting. It's the fine art of composting." is one such startup building a range of... ahem... stylish worm boxes. 

“Because you can use the soil the worms produce, anybody who has a plant benefits from composting,” co-founder Erich Fässler told the Guardian. “We’re focusing on cities, where there’s little space for composting. The existing systems are expensive and don’t look great.” Fingers crossed the worms themselves don't come with their own twirly moustaches and sleeve tattoos. [Guardian]

Image credit: asaab via Flickr