HoloLens Project X-Ray Brings a Robot Invasion to Your Living Room (With £2,000 Dev Kit)

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Microsoft has opened up applications for the HoloLens development kit, which will become available during the first quarter of 2016 for a cool $3,000 (£2,000).

If you’ve got the cash and get lucky with your claim, you’ll be able to prance around your living room, fighting virtual monsters that crawl out of your walls.

We’re not even exaggerating. Microsoft’s demonstration involved a HoloLens-toting chap playing a mixed reality game codenamed ‘Project X-Ray’. It essentially involved shooting unfriendly robots that kept "breaking through" the walls of your real-world surroundings.

“With HoloLens, you’re completely untethered,” said Microsoft. “No wires, no phones and no connection to a PC is required.”

The holograms can interact with both their surroundings and each other, working together to defeat you. ‘Spacial sound’ built into HoloLens also makes it feel like the action is actually happening around you too.

That’s pretty cool, though we’re not totally convinced it’ll worked exactly as demonstrated in your own home. After all, we’re pretty sure most people’s main rooms are a little bigger and more cluttered than the one created for the demo.

However, we could just be being massive buzzkills. The HoloLens demonstration of Minecraft at E3 was incredible, for example. Here's what it could do for the Xbox One.