Live in London for £1 (If You're a Web App Developer)

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Even if you’ve got the skills, it’s not always easy to pay the bills. Unless, of course, you somehow manage to find a landlord willing to provide accommodation for next to nothing. Such a landlord actually exists, and his name is Adam Mughal.

The presumably fairly well-off chap is offering one lucky person the chance to snap up a double room in his five-bedroom gaff in Stratford for just a quid a month. However, there’s a big, techie catch. This person essentially has to be willing to work for free. That’s because Mughal’s on the hunt for an IT or business grad with a talent for building web apps.

"I don't have the resources or the budget to hire a full-time web developer but this opportunity allows someone to stay in London where accommodation isn't cheap and work for me part-time,” he said. "I work in the city full-time as well so I thought this was the only real benefit I could offer to people."

It doesn't sound like the worst idea in the world, and Mughal says he's been hit with well over a thousand applications. London's so ridiculously expensive that it's easy to imagine such arrangements becoming the norm in the near future. [Standard]