Images of Samsung's Massive New Tablet Leaked

By James O Malley on at

Meet the Samsung Galaxy View. It certainly makes an impression. In fact, you can hardly miss it as it has a gigantic 18.4 inch screen.

The above images of the new device were posted to Twitter by serial leaker Evan Blass. It appears to be designed to take on the likes of the iPad Pro and perhaps even the Microsoft Surface series - as it comes with a kickstand and is surely designed for tabletop usage.

Spec-wise it is thought to have a full HD display, and will be powered by a Exynos 7580 processor and 2GB of RAM. There will be 32GB of on-board storage (plus Micro-SD support up to 128GB) and it will come in both 4G and Wifi only versions. We expect it will run Android, and apparently it will be priced at around $600 (about £400) - so less than the iPad Pro, so could be tempting for anyone who wants a large display.

Perhaps the most important question though, is what exactly would anyone do with it? [EVLeaks via Engadget]