Is the Star Wars Snowspeeder Wheelchair or Cute Pablo Escobar 2015's Best Halloween Idea?

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Whether you’re stuck for Halloween ideas, already have your costume sorted or really don’t give a shit about the weird tradition, you’re going to be impressed with what Jeremy Miller’s packing. The 8-year-old suffers from spina bifida and is therefore wheelchair-bound, and his Star Wars-loving dad’s done him proud.

Ryan Miller’s transformed his son’s wheelchair into a snowspeeder, complete with weaponry (nerf guns) and energy blasts (glow sticks). In previous years, Jeremy’s been treated to a Batmobile, Captain America’s motorbike and a pirate ship.

Does snowspeeder beat mini Pablo Escobar? We’ll let you decide. Either way, both ideas are far better than these monstrosities. [CNET]