Kickstarter Bans Product For Not Existing

By Chris Mills on at

Kickstarter and vapourware go hand-in-hand, but as it turns out, there is a limit. That limit, apparently, is a laser-powered razor with no good prototype.

According to an email sent to backers and obtained by The Register, Kickstarter has suspended the Laser Razor project after deciding it’s “in violation of our rule requiring working prototypes of physical products that are offered as rewards”.

Laser Razor’s claim, as you might imagine, was a razor that used a laser beam rather than metal blade to remove hairs. The project did have a video of a semi-functional prototype, although it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Before being pulled, the project had raised upwards of $4 million, far past the $160,000 target.

Still, Kickstarter doesn’t normally pull virally successful projects that have millions in funding. In any case, less scrupulous crowdfunding sites are so common, so you can probably expect the Lazer Razor to pop up somewhere again soon. [The Register]