'Life of Brian' Premieres in Bournemouth... 35 Years Too Late

By Gary Cutlack on at

Controversial comedy the Life of Brian is finally about to appear on the big screen in Bournemouth, thanks to local councillors agreeing to overturn a ban on the film being shown in the town.

Local censors at the tail end of the 1970s gave the film an X rating after the furore kicked off, meaning it was not screened in your usual family cinemas. This granted it video nasty status in the town, although presumably it was on sale in the Woolworths VHS and DVD sections for a couple of decades, making it somewhat bizarre that it was still banned from being shown in cinemas.

Those looking forward to seeing Brian on a big screen while surrounded by annoying idiots eating crisps and tweeting about it will soon be able to do so, thanks to its distributor celebrating the ban's overturning by bringing it to the big screen.

And there's a heartwarming tale to it all, too. The real-life messiah of the film is oneĀ Adrian Cox, a local train driver who petitioned the council to have the film reclassified so he could watch it with his friends to celebrate his birthday. He's hired a cinema and everything, since it's now acceptable to laugh at religion. [Telegraph]