Man Buys (for a Minute)

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man claims to have owned the domain name for almost an entire minute, saying he got as far as paying for it and seeing the site show up in his personal Webmaster Tools admin area before it was snatched back.

Sanmay Ved is the man in question, who's telling the tale of what happened to anyone who happens upon his LinkedIn post. Given the gravity of the domain name he was about to purchase for $12, Ved wisely took the above screenshot of the availability and subsequent purchase confirmation screens.

He explains: "As soon as I completed purchase, I received two emails, one from, and one from, which is not the norm when you book domains via Google Domains as I have booked new, previously unregistered domains before, and I have never received emails from the above aliases on booking the domains."

So the purchase appears to have been properly authorised. Sadly, though, the fact that he used Google Domains to purchase the internet's default white page meant Google was able to cancel the transaction within minutes, seizing back ownership of its home. Which seems a bit mean, as it could've offered him a few million dollars and a visit to the Googleplex as a reward for highlighting whatever registration flaw he found. [The Register]