Man Jailed for Preparing for the END OF THE WORLD (With an Axe, Crossbow, Gun and Other Stuff)

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A Welshman has been sent down for six years, as a result of his obsession with the end of the world. 37-year-old Jeffrey Paul Lloyd, from Swansea, had built up a disturbingly impressive collection of weapons, including a crossbow, a homemade pipe gun and an axe, as well as a load of knives and pepper spray (boring).

Lloyd ordered the dangerous swag online, paying for it with Bitcoin. Unfortunately for him, the Metropolitan Police had been monitoring some of the sites he used, and his residence was subsequently raided. Lloyd, who has a history of violence, admitted to four charges of possessing illegal weapons and ammunition.

He was apparently convinced that civilisation was on the verge of collapse, arming himself in preparation from the ensuing chaos he imagined would follow. While many of us would go for cricket bats and tinned stuff, Lloyd decided to go down the I'm-going-to-kill-everyone-in-the-world route. By the way, here are eight of the likeliest ways the world might end. [BBC]