Microsoft Wants to Buy Your Grubby Old MacBook

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Like a teenager who's just discovered the wonders of masturbation, Microsoft’s on top of the world right now. Its Surface Book has caused a fair amount of excitement, and the company wants to continue its little joy-spreading spree.

Nadella and co have introduced a promotion called Easy Trade Up, whereby consumers can get a little something back after splashing out on a new Windows 10 device. If you buy a qualifying Windows 8.1- or Windows 10-running laptop from a UK retailer for more than £249 before 27 October and fancy trading in your old laptop, desktop, Chromebook or MacBook, Microsoft will hit you up with a tidy little sum of cash.

The list of qualifying machines is available here, though bear in mind that you may be able to make considerably more cash just by sticking your unwanted goods on eBay. It's up to you.