Morrisons Data Breach Lawsuit Suggests People are Becoming More Aware of Cybercrime

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Shortly after (sort of) being crowned the best place to boogie on a Sunday afternoon, Morrisons is bracing itself for a bumpy ride, with over 2,000 employees set to take legal action against the supermarket. Back in 2013, the personal details of almost 100,000 members of staff were posted online, and workers reckon Morrisons should have done more to protect their data.

The company auditor who actually leaked the info, Andrew Skelton, is serving an eight-year prison sentence. However, that’s not enough for many. "My clients' position is that Morrisons failed to prevent a data leak which exposed tens of thousands of its employees to the very real risk of identity theft and potential loss," said Nick McAleenan, the lawyer representing the staff. "In particular, they are worried about the possibility of money being taken from their bank accounts and - in the case of younger clients - negative consequences for their credit rating."

Morrisons, unsurprisingly, doesn't think it's done anything wrong. While this is a crap situation for most of the people involved, the fact that the public seems to be growing more aware of the dangers of cybercrime is surely a positive thing. [BBC]