MP Who Believed in a Fake 'Cake' Brass Eye Drug Now in Charge of a Drugs Committee

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The MP famous for bringing up the dangers of a fictitious drug in Parliament has been appointed chair of the Psychoactive Substances Bill Committee. Conservative MP David Amess came across a bit of a mug in the classic Drugs episode of Brass Eye, which first aired in 1997.

He was tricked into believing that 'Cake', a made-up substance apparently capable of making users vomit up their pelvic bones and causing their necks to engulf their mouths and noses, was a real thing. Amess appeared on the show holding a bright yellow, cake-sized pill, and spoke passionately about keeping it off our streets.

"Look at that!" he said. "One hundred grand in the pocket of the filth that sells it. A big yellow death bullet in the head of some poor user, or ‘custard gannet’, as the dealers call them. I'm off to do what I can and if you don't mind I'll leave this here, I don't want to look at it for another moment." At least his heart's in the right place.