Nintendo Console Guts Inside a NES Cartridge is as Meta as Gaming Gets

By Gerald Lynch on at

The work of a true Nintendo superfan, or the mad pursuit of someone taking a little too keenly to the Mushroom Kingdom's fungal foodstuffs when planning their DIY hacks? Redditer KevlarYarmulke took a very meta approach to rebuilding the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. In fact, it's full-blown Ninception.

Pulling the guts out of the classic 1987 NES, KevlarYarmulke has managed to squeeze two controller ports, a power switch and a cartridge connector into the casing of an original Super Mario Bros. cartridge.

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Now, there's a reason the original NES was the size it was, and, unless KevlarYarmulke has broken the laws of physics, we're afraid there's no way the entire original components of Nintendo's sizeable first home console have been squeezed into the cartridge. It's more or a shelf toy than something you'd hook up to your TV for a quick game of Duck Hunt. But Moore's Law means that even something as tiny as a Raspberry Pi is many orders of magnitude moe powerful than an original NES, so a little bit more work popping some new ickle computing components in and this thing would make for a playable console, if not a pure one only using original parts.

So that's your DIY homework for the weekend then; get a NES emulator running on a Raspberry Pi inside a NES cartridge loaded up with original controller and cartridge ports, and I'll make sure to send you a prize worth five Great British Pounds out of my own pocket, and the respect only mastery of a mostly-pointless DIY project can earn you. [IGN]