Oldham Geniuses Avoid 5p Plastic Bag Charge by Stealing a Third of Tesco's Shopping Baskets

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

We can understand people being miffed at the recent introduction of a 5p carrier bag charge across supermarkets in England, but it’s getting really difficult to justify some of the reactions we’ve seen. Following the news that some Tesco stores in London have started security tagging carrier bags to prevent thefts, it’s emerged that a supermarket in Oldham has had to adopt the same measures, only with shopping baskets.

Once again, Tesco’s involved in the drama. "The store had a problem with people taking baskets since the introduction of the carrier bag charge,” the supermarket said. "It is not a blanket policy, but we have introduced security tags as a result."

tesco trolley

Come on guys. You’re really stealing shopping baskets? Nobody enjoys having to pay for anything that was previously free, but all you need to do is bring your own rucksack, bag for life or old bags with you. There might not be many in Oldham, but for the love of God, think of the sea turtles! [BBC]

Image credit: White Plastic Bag via Shutterstock