"Pumpkin Crisis" Could be Solved by Turnips

By Gary Cutlack on at

A disastrous UK pumpkin harvest brought about by a soggy August that literally rotted the poor things away in fields could cause shortages of the carve-it-yourself vegetable this year, but it's OK. Naturalists suggest unusually large turnips might make a good alternative.

And it's not that a weird idea, as, according to historians, we used to decorate all sorts of root vegetables in the UK, way before the US-led tradition of carving fat orange pumpkins (and dressing like a total imbecile) took over.

Dr Michael Carter from English Heritage explained: "From carved pumpkins to trick or treating, many of the traditions associated with Halloween today come from early European folklore, rather than simply being American inventions. I don't think turnips are going to replace pumpkins -- they are more difficult to carve -- but hopefully people will remember the turnip and all our other rich traditions this Halloween." 

Remember the turnip. We would also suggest that a cucumber might make an extremely believable zombie penis, plus two heads of broccoli could be used to fashion a sort of decaying scrotum to go beneath, should you be doing the fancy dress thing this year. [Sky News

Image credit: Vegetable carving from Shutterstock