Some Mobile Users Harassed by More Than 20 Spam Calls a Month

By Gary Cutlack on at

New numbers crunched up and published by consumer pressure group Which? have exposed the true depth of misery caused by spam callers, revealing that around ten per cent of all mobile phone subscribers are irritated by over 20 unsolicited nuisance calls each month.

And they're attacking everyone, too. Which? says that around seven in ten of all mobile customers receive at least one spam call each month, a big increase in numbers since it last compiled data back in 2013, when 55 per cent of people reported receiving at least one spam call per month.

Ofcom and the Telephone Preference Service -- the latter of which claims to filter spam calls should you register -- say that just 3 per cent of the UK's mobile contracts are registered with the TPS, so there's a good place to start if your daily routine is often rudely interrupted by some robot offering to make you a retrospective PPI claim millionaire if you simply hold the line and press 3.

Which? says that over 65,000 individuals have reported rogue spam callers via its online nuisance registration tool (insert joke about you being on it), as it attempts to build a database of companies that consistently spam phone subscribers regardless of whether they've registered with the TPS service or not. [Which?]