Sony Surveys Suggests PS1 and PS2 Releases Could Come to PS4

By James O Malley on at

A new survey of PS4 owners sent out by Sony suggests that the company might be considering making games from the original Playstation and PS2 available for the PS4.

According to UberGizmo the survey asks what feature gamers would most like to see added to the PS4 with options such as "Appear Offline Mode" and "Custom Backgrounds". Also listed is "PS2 Classics" and "PS1 Classics".

Previously Sony's only foray into backwards compatibility on the PS4 has been via the "PS Now" on-demand game-streaming service, which lets players rent a selection of classic PS3 games, streaming the games to the console.

Exactly how Sony would enable even older games to be played on the system is unclear: It could build a similar streaming service, or thanks to less power demands and smaller file sizes, it could simply opt to have the older games download and play through an emulator on its latest console. Heck, dare we imagine a software update that would enable us to put PS1 and PS2 discs directly into the PS4?

Sony's rival Xbox One is also poised to launch backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360 imminently.

Of course it is worth remembering that this is simply a survey to see what consumers want - so isn't a given, but it is hard to see how such support wouldn't be a relatively easy and quick win for Sony to increase the PS4 game catalogue. [UberGizmo]