Spoof Ladybird Books Teach You How to Tackle Hangovers, Hipsters and Mid-Life Crises

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A new series of spoof Ladybird books penned by the writers behind That Mitchell and Webb Look and Charlie Booker’s Screenwipe are set to be published, and we can’t wait to read them. With titles including The Hipster, The Hangover and The Mid-Life Crisis, Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris’ creations are designed to provide light-hearted adult guidance, and have drummed up plenty of interest.


“Coming to a shop not far from you, not long from now: Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups,” wrote Hazeley on Twitter. “They’re not dark – they’re light and silly and funny. Honest, guv. Be not afraid.”

He also posted a short extract of the hipster-themed book, which reads: “This is a hipster. He is childless, unaccountably wealthy, and always well turned out. He likes art, porridge, scarves, and anything reclaimed from French factories, like this dog rack.” Beside the text is a classic Ladybird-style illustration.

Ladybird Books celebrates its 100th birthday this year, and it looks like it’s rediscovered its sense of humour. Last year, parent company Penguin used its serious voice when dealing with Miriam Elia, who wrote her own tongue-in-cheek Ladybird Book, titled We Go to the Gallery.