Steve Jobs Film "Ridiculous" and Wrong, Says Old Buddy Jony Ive

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jony Ive has come out as rather strongly against the current rash of films about his former chum and boss Steve Jobs, telling an audience that the most recent move – Sony's Fassbender-starring  Steve Jobs – sees the filmmakers try to "hijack" Jobs's legacy.

Ive was speaking at a Vanity Fair event yesterday, where he said of the latest film and its negative portrayal of Jobs: "There are sons and daughters and widows and very close friends who are completely bemused and completely upset... I’m sorry to sound a bit grumpy about it but I find it ever so sad."

The problem, according to Ive, is that one of Jobs' fears has come to pass, with his life and story effectively "hijacked" by "people with agendas that are very different from your close family and your friends."

He also said that Jobs' famously argumentative makeup that's been at the core of every film and documentary about the man is possibly the reason the wildly successful Apple of today exists in its current state, explaining: "I just think it’s important to remember, you could have had somebody who didn’t ever argue, but you wouldn’t have the phones that you have now, and a whole list of other things. We wouldn’t have moved things forward." [FT]