Hackers May Hit TalkTalk Customers Directly, to Break into Bank Accounts

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Despite the fact that 4 million people may have had their personal details stolen, TalkTalk’s trying to calm everyone down. The company, which was involved in a high-profile hack last week, says the breach “was not as bad as first thought.” Since said breach was initially believed to be devastating, that means there’s every chance the hack was still really, really enormous.

"The financial information they have on its own is not enough for them to access your bank account,” said CEO Dido Harding. "We now expect the amount of financial information that may have been accessed to be materially lower than initially believed and would on its own not enable a criminal to take money from your account." Though that may sound positive, it unfortunately means that the hackers involved could be likely to target TalkTalk customers directly, contacting them in order to phish for enough information to force their way into bank accounts.

We've created a simple guide on what to do if you believe you've been affected by the attack. It's worth changing your email passwords, uncovering any sneaky trails and getting in touch with your bank to ensure you don't get robbed blind. [Sky News]