Taxi Firm Addison Lee Will Carry Your Bike Home if You Get Tired or Broken

By Gary Cutlack on at

Found yourself 24 miles from home with a puncture? Fallen off? Just got a new bike and overstretched yourself? Help will soon be at hand, if you're stuck somewhere in London with a bike and want to get home quick, via taxi firm Addison Lee.

Addison Lee is launching its new CycleCab scheme on October 19, when you'll be allowed and even encouraged to whack a bike of any frame type and wheel size into the back of one of its Ford Galaxies. Drivers will fold the back seats down to get your ride in, leaving room for two extra passengers. They're booked the usual way, via an app, and the drivers have been told to promise they won't make any jokes about lycra.

Peter Boucher, Addison Lee’s chief commercial officer, said: "After consulting with our drivers we have discovered a large demand for this service and we want to make it more accessible for our customers. We are happy to be the first company to bring this product to market and excited to enhance our relationship with London’s cycling community." [Cycling Weekly]