The Aurora Rocked the UK Skies Last Night

By Gary Cutlack on at

Do you live somewhere in the UK that might be covered by the blanket description of "The North?" Are you not subject to an ASBO and therefore allowed to go outside when it's dark? If so, you might have seen some War of the Worlds style green sky action last night, as the aurora borealis was particularly on fire yesterday, due, we think, to the gods being angry about the result of the Bake Off.

The internet of today is packed with photos taken by those who braved the autumnal evening and know how to set up cameras properly, with the aurora seen in most places where there's a dark-ish patch of sky free from the modern menace of light pollution.

Images like this:

ArrayA compilation of skyfire taken by Stuart Stevenson, who's quite to the North seeing as he lives in Lanark up around the bottom of Scotland.

These absolute stonkers were captured in Northern Ireland by Sharon Cuatriz who clearly doesn't leave her camera on Auto all of the time while hoping for the best.

These were taken England, in Cumbria, by Owen Humphreys -- who we suspect has read the manual that came with his camera.

And this utter madness was done by the sky last night -- which could easily convince a child that the world's about to end and it's all their fault -- is from Jane MacLennan. And there are plenty more out there. Millions of people have sore necks and overloaded memory cards this morning.

Main image: CCPhotography