The Best Gifts and Gadgets for Back to the Future Fans

By Tom Pritchard on at

As many of you will already know, this coming Wednesday is the so-called 'Back to the Future Day' -- the date that Doc and Marty arrived in the future during Back to the Future 2. It's a big day that science-fiction fans have been looking forward to for years, and now that it's finally here some very geeky celebrations are in order.

So strap on your hoverboard and check out some these amazing Back to the Future themed gifts and gadgets. Or else you can make like a tree, and get out of here.

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Box Set, £60

The Back to the Future film franchise is over, and isn't going to get resurrected anytime soon (thank you Robert Zemeckis). That means it's the perfect time to get the ultimate BTTF box set. This one comes with all three films on Blu-ray (with many bonus features), a 64-page book about the series, and a flux capacitor replica that you can call your own. Some outlets reported that it would also come with all 26 episodes of the short-lived animated BTTF series, but keep in mind that the UK version does not. Oh well, it wasn't very good anyway. [Buy it here]

Lego Dimensions Back to the Future Level Pack, £28

Lego Dimensions is one of those toys-to-life games that requires you to buy things to unlock new characters and levels, and it just so happens that Back to the Future is one of the franchises involved. So if you've already bought the base game, you're going to want to get yourself the level pack and explored the brickified version of Hill Valley with Marty, the DeLorean, and the hoverboard. [Buy it here]

Lego DeLorean Playset, £120

This is a slightly more expensive addition to the BTTF fan's shelf, mainly because it was a Lego Ideas project that since been discontinued. Bummer right? But, if you're going to buy yourself a DeLorean, you might as well do it with some style. So if you're willing to part with a decent chunk of your cash, the Lego replica of that (in)famous car is a worthy purchase. To top it all off, there are extra components you can add to create the DeLorean featured in all three BTTF films. The set also comes with the DeLorean time machine itself, Doc and Marty minifigs, and Marty's very purple skateboard. [Buy it here]

Back to the Future: The Game, from £14

Telltale Games has been around for quite some time, and before The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Tales from the Borderlands, they also happened to work on an episodic sequel to Back to the Future 3. Six months after the events of the first film, the DeLorean (somehow not destroyed) ends up in Hill Valley without Doc Brown. So it's up to Marty to head into the past and figure out what happened, without accidentally erasing the future he calls home. If you've played a Telltale game then you'll recognise the gameplay here, but it's nice to be able to explore the world of BTTF on your console/computer. The game even features Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as Doc Brown, and Michael J Fox in a cameo. [Buy it here]

Mr Fusion Replica, £273

Sadly science has not been able to create a fusion generator small enough to fit onto the back of a car, but that doesn't mean you can't (sort of) own one. The arrival of the Mr Fusion generator meant that the DeLorean didn't require the rare and dangerous Plutonium to travel through time, and now you can own one of your very own. It's 18-inches tall, has lights and sounds, and runs on batteries. That means no filling it with old banana peels, ok? [Buy it here]

Flux Capacitor Watch, £53

Who needs a smartwatch when you can have this? A miniature flux capacitor that sits on your wrist and tells you exactly what time it is at the push of a button. It's a great way to keep track of the time and show off your love for all things BTTF. Just be warned that this isn't your typical hand-powered watch, instead it shows you the time through a series of lights. It sounds confusing, but it's not. [Buy it here]

Back to the Future Trilogy Set of 14 Movie Props, £26

Getting yourself the juicy props (or replica props) from the Back to the Future films won't be easy, but you can always et your hands on the little things. They're not as important as the likes of the DeLorean, but they're still important pieces of Hill Valley history (and anti-history). There are 14 props here, including a framed picture of the courthouse clock in 1885, a fax informing future Marty of his termination, fliers, Marty's driving license, and more. A must buy for any serious fan. [Buy it here]

The Future is Now T-Shirt, £10

It is 2015, so the future that was predicted way back in the '80s is now. Sort of. Our reality is a bit rubbish compared to the one Doc and Marty visited. Still, it's 2015 and we have a great many technological tools available to us at a moment's notice. Celebrate that fact, and your love of all things time-travel, with this stylish t-shirt. [Buy it here]

Pop! Vinyl Delorean, £27

Pop! has been moving on from just pumping out somewhat-adorable mini figurines these days. Now you can actually buy mini Pop! Vinyl figures and their famous vehicles/steeds, including Marty McFly and the DeLorean time machine. Why wouldn't you want this? [Buy it here]

Back to the Future 2 Hat Replica, £30.18

The future is weird, and one of the weirdest things has to be Marty Jr's god awful taste in hats. Whoever thought this was a good idea? Well, maybe you did? If that's the case, you can own this vibrant rainbow-coloured hat for yourself. Self-tying shoes sold separately. [Buy it here]

Gray's Sports Almanac iPad Mini Case, £24

Ah yes, the book that caused a divergent timeline and all sorts of horrible things for both Marty and Doc to deal with. All thanks to that meddling Biff. If you're the proud owner of an iPad Mini (any of the four generations), you can pretend you have all these time-altering statistics in your hand. Sadly they're no good for winning bets. [Buy it here]

Hill Valley Telegraph Framed Poster, £25

Save the clock tower you say? Well we wouldn't have to if it hadn't been struck by lightning back in 1955. Oh well, that did happen and the clock was broken. You should at least commemorate that fact by draping this framed newspaper onto your bedroom or living room wall. be grateful, without that broken clock Marty would be stuck in 1955 forever more. [Buy it here]

Hoverboard Replica, £70

We still don't have a viable commercial hoverboard yet (and I mean a literal hovering hoverboard), but you can always just buy a replica and pretend! Try this out, it looks just like the real/fictional thing! Perfect for cosplay, showing off to your friends, or hanging on the wall. Just remember that it doesn't hover, and it won't work over water. [Buy it here]