The Best iPhone 6S Accessories

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week Apple put the the shiny new iPhone 6S on sale, and as usual a very large number of people went out to buy the brand-new fruit-branded phone for themselves. The 6S has been rather well received, but there are always things you can improve through the use of accessories.

But which accessories should you buy? There are a lot out there that are compatible with the 6S (and its S-less predecessor), so let's take a look at some of the best ones out there.

Apple Watch, from £270

The Apple Watch is the ultimate accessory for recent iPhones, and if you fancy linking your phone up to a wristputer then the Apple Watch is an obvious choice. With this, you can access a bunch of iPhone functions without having to pull out your phone.

The fact that it's been made by Apple means that there's a lot more it can take advantage of, especially since there are great many iOS apps that offer Apple Watch integration. If that's not to your liking, though, there are other iOS-compatible watches available to you. Like the Pebble Time, for instance. [Buy it here]

i-FlashDrive USB Stick, from £16

iPhones are known for not having any expandable storage, but if you want some extra space for your files you can opt for some external hardware and this is a great choice. It's not useful for storing apps, but it's a great place to store videos, photos, documents, and other files when there's no room the phone itself. Plus your phone is capable of reading files directly from the drive, so there's no need to spend time transferring files onto the phone.

One other advantage is that there are variants of the 32 and 64GB models that have a microUSB adaptor hidden away. Making it perfect for people who like to work cross platform. [Buy it here]

BTEK Portable Magnetic Lightning Cable, £5

You can't always last the entire day on a single charge, but carrying around a standard lightning cable can be a bit of a pain. Try this instead, it's a smaller cable that attaches to your keyring and clips together magnetically. It also means you have something on hand to transfer files to and from your iPhone when necessary. [Buy it here]

Universal 3-in-1 Camera Lens Kit, £7

There's a lot going on with the iPhone's camera, but there are always ways that it can be improved. This handy little kit will help you mix things up by letting you clip on one of three lenses that will change the way your final pictures come out. They're easy to use, and it's much cheaper than trying to simulate that effect in Photoshop.

[Buy it here]

Sony QX10 Lens Style Camera, from £99

If those clip-on lenses aren't really your thing, and you have a bit more money to spare, give this a try instead. It's got an 18.2MP sensor, 10x optical zoom, and connects to your phone via NFC. It effectively turns your phone into a real camera, just one that lets you make calls and touch-up images immediately. [Buy it here]

Logitech Harmony Hub, £100

A lot of us have a bunch of devices at home, and they all need their own remote controls to get things done. You could buy a universal remote, or you could buy this and turn your phone into a universal remote. It's compatible with smart home devices, entertainment systems, and more. [Buy it here]

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer, £110

In all likelihood you take most of your photos on your phone, and getting them printed out might be a bit of a hassle. What with all the transferring to new devices and everything. The Polaroid Zip printer lets you print them directly from your phone via Bluetooth or NFC in full colour and without smudging. Yes you could buy a wireless printer, but those aren't portable and require ink. The Zip is small enough that you could take it on holiday, and you don't need to keep topping it up with anything other than paper. [Buy it here]

iHere Bluetooth Key Finder, £20

These days phones have features that let you find them when they go missing. Your keys are not so lucky, which is why you should try one of these. Attach it to your keys, or any other valuable device and if they go missing you'll be able to use your phone to find them (and vice versa). It can also be used to control your phone's camera shutter. [Buy it here]

InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protector, £13

Scratches and shattered screens are a problem, so you should do something to keep it protected. Rather than those annoying stick-on covers that are glorified plastic, try this. It's a glass screen that doesn't interfere with the touchscreen functions and is far less likely to leave annoying air bubbles. Just line it up on your screen, press it once, and the screen with do its thing. [Buy it here]

Elgato EyeTV, £68

Does anyone watch live TV anymore? Well yes, but your phone can't do it without an internet connection. Want to avoid that? Try Elgato's EyeTV. It's a digital TV tuner for your iPhone that gives you access to entirety of Freeview without using a single bit of data from the internet. TV signals are beamed to your phone wirelessly, and the internal battery has enough juice for four hours playtime. [Buy it here]

Boriyuan Sliding Keyboard, £17

Not everyone likes touchscreen keyboards, but then again there are very few smartphones with physical keyboards. While some keyboard cases have been criticised for being awkward, the Boriyuan slides down horizontally so you can actually hold onto it properly. It connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth, and automatically switches away from the on-screen keyboard. [Buy it here]

GYMLE Qi Wireless Charging Receiver, £11

There are a lot of phones that still don't have wireless charging built in, and the iPhone 6S is one of them. If you've rather deal with a pad rather than a lightning cable, then give this a go. Quite simply, it's a case that turns your iPhone into a wireless charging receiver so you can keep its juice topped up by dumping it on any Qi-compatible charging pad you find. It also give you a bit of extra protection, too. [Buy it here]