The Electric Jukebox is a Dongle/HDMI/Remote/£180/£60 Stream of Confusion

By Gary Cutlack on at

The selling point of Electric Jukebox is simple -- access "millions" of albums and songs on your TV through a plug-and-play HDMI dongle. The problem being it costs £149 at the moment, a price that'll rise to £179 once the launch window slams shut.

That price includes a one-year "premium" music pass too, one that, after the first year has expired, will need the owner to pay £60 per subsequent year to have it still work. Still, at least it looks easy enough to use. Fire it up and users see three options on their TV's HDMI channel – My Music, Discovery and Search – from which to access their chosen tunes via a Wi-Fi connection.

The maker has also got Robbie Williams, Stephen Fry and a few other tech/music celebs to compile mixtapes, or playlists, that should make it even easier to listen to today's new music, with the company thinking that its no-accounts, no-subs, no-apps approach should make it appeal to people who can't comprehend the complexity involved in making Spotify work on their speakers.

Rob Lewis, CEO of Electric Jukebox, said: "There used to be 200 million people buying CDs every month and many more buying CDs occasionally. After ten years of streaming only 40 million have converted to streaming subscription services because of complexity, set-up difficulty and because of the fear of recurring credit card based subscriptions. The Electric Jukebox is the product for the other 160 million music lovers out there." [Electric Jukebox via Wired]