The New Arduino Board Uses Intel's Tiny, Low-Power Curie Chip

By Jamie Condliffe on at

This is the latest addition to Arduino’s line-up of budget-friendly development boards, and it uses Intel’s titchy Curie chip to power itself along.

In fact, the Intel chip’s not far off the size of a button, either, yet somehow it manages to squeeze Bluetooth and a six-axis sensor with gyroscope and accelerometer into its frame, along with the 32-bit Quark micro-controller that actually make it run. The board features 14 digital input/output pins, six analogue inputs, a USB connector and a power jack.

The Genuino 101 (to be known as the Arduino 101 in the States) is the first development board to use the Intel chip, and it’s targeted at students and makers on a budget, costing just $30, with a likely £20 UK price tag. [Arduino via Engadget]