Trafalgar Square Evacuated After a Bag of Crazy Chemicals is Found

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A church in central London was evacuated this morning after a a bag filled with industrial-strength chemicals was found near Trafalgar Square. I know what you're thinking. We see loads of these bags flying around the place every day, and they're called pigeons. However, I can assure you that today's discovery was no winged pest.

Fire crews equipped with breathing apparatus were called to Saint Martin-in-the-Fields church just after 08.30 this morning, where they found that the bag contained hazardous materials. Like a group of really helpful checkout operators before the introduction of the 5p carrier bag charge, they proceeded to double-bag the danger sack, which was then removed by removed by the London Ambulance Service's Hazardous Area Response Team.

“Firefighters used detection and monitoring equipment to find out what chemicals were involved," said Sam Kazmanli, a station manager who attended the incident. "We found that the bag contained industrial strength chemical granules inside."

Fortunately, nobody is believed to have been affected by the dodgy chemicals, and the church was only evacuated for precautionary reasons. "Big thank you to @Ldn_Ambulance + @LondonFire for a great response this morning - the church has reopened and all is well," it tweeted just before noon.

That's enough bag-themed drama for this week.