Train Track Selfies are the New Mark of the Stupid

By Gary Cutlack on at

Network Rail has warned a whole new generation of children of the dangers of playing on train tracks, after CCTV footage of youths larking about at a level crossing and taking photos of themselves doing so was released.

The bafflement over the activities of the kids of today was triggered by CCTV pictures taken at a level crossing at Matlock Bath station in Derbyshire, where Network Rail filmed a mystifying eight separate incidents of people mucking about on the lines during one boring school holiday day in August.

Some kids sat down on the tracks for their photos, while others generally hung about in the middle of the line at the "picturesque" old style station, probably waiting for something involving death with the potential to go viral to happen.

National Rail risk adviser Martin Brown said, probably for about the 100th time this year: "Trains can come from either direction at any time and being distracted by chatting, texting or taking photographs while using the crossing significantly increases the risk of an incident."

British Transport Police has increased the number of officers patrolling the area, to keep the idiot youth from getting itself chopped into halves and quarters on the lines. [BBC]