Watch BAE's Builders Slot Together Nearly 40,000 Tonnes of Aircraft Carrier

By Gary Cutlack on at

The social media intern working for defence contractor BAE Systems has been busy filming proceedings up in Rosyth, with the latest video charting the assembly of future aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales and showing the front and rear sections of the ship being slotted together.

The fitting together process, known as skidding among the remaining men and women who still build ships for a job, is believed to be the biggest ever carried out, seeing as workers were shuffling the  26,500 tonne forward half onto the 12,000 tonne rear section. You don't even have to open your phone's calculator application to work out that that creates one really quite heavy entire thing, and with the tolerances involved in doing so as little as 3mm, it also sounds like it was probably quite hard.

Here's the clip, complete with stock atmospheric music:

Defence Minister Philip Dunne said: "This is a great moment for the Royal Navy and for our Armed Forces, as our second aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales begins to take shape. This is one of the biggest engineering feats of the carrier programme to date, and the so-called ‘skidding’ of these giant sections is believed to be the largest ever such move in the UK. It is all thanks to the 4,000 people and hundreds of apprentices in Scottish shipyards who have shown such commitment to the Queen Elizabeth Class, supported by £3 billion invested by the MOD in the programme so far."