Watch This Levitating Droplet Make Different Shapes, Have Mind Blown

By Gizmodo on at

We know it’s possible to levitate objects with sound, provided the objects are small and the sound is used carefully. It seems it’s also possible to make those objects form all kinds of shapes and then lose their minds.

In this video, a droplet gets put between transducer and a reflector. The transducer creates sound at different frequencies and the reflector bounces that sound back. Between the two, they create a pressure gradient that keeps the droplet in the air.

Then they start to screw with the droplet. First they introduce different frequencies to push it into different shapes. Then they mess with its chemistry, mixing water and propylene glycol. And finally, they just increase the frequency until it can’t keep up and breaks apart. [Source: Shape oscillation of a levitated drop in an acoustic field]