Wii U Emulator Promises Zelda HD at a Handful of Frames Per Second

By Gary Cutlack on at

The newly launched Cemu emulator promises Nintendo enthusiasts the dream of being able to play Wii U titles on PC. As long as they have a good PC. And don't mind things being three-quarters-broken at the moment.

The fantasy is there, though, with the emulator's creator demonstrating it running the HD remake of Zelda classic The Wind Waker, albeit only at a technically impressive that it works level and nowhere near a playing it and enjoying it level.

The emulator's release page warns that users should expect slow framerates, long load times and that it is being released entirely as-is and unoptimised, and... there's no proper controller support yet. Or... any sound. But if you want to see some glitchy title screens running slowly and wrong, knock yourself out.

And that's it. Slow and a bit broken at the moment, but something to play with if you have the PC, the time, the hardware, and don't mind getting into the world of downloading ripped and dumped ISOs of games like it's still the Dreamcast era. [Cemu via Engadget]