With the Weird-Looking 'Skinny Shard', Paddington May Soon be Famous for More than a Teddy Bear

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Paddington could do with a lift. We know, because that’s where we’re based, and it’s definitely not just us who find it dull. Sellar Property Group wants to pump £1 billion into the area, which it’s described as ‘lifeless’, in a bid to transform it.

The company has unveiled plans for an odd-looking West London skyscraper, which has been dubbed the ‘Skinny Shard’. We’re assuming that nickname’s come about because Renzo Piano, the architect behind the Shard, will take the lead on the project, as 31 London Street doesn’t really look like the ugly, pointy monster at London Bridge.

31 london street

The cylindrical tower will stand at 224m high, comprising 65 storeys, over 200 homes and more than 150,000 sq. ft. of office space, as well as loads of shops and an open air roof garden, so we can make the most of London’s gorgeous weather.

“We believe this exciting proposal will tap into the potential of Paddington and will prove to be a major catalyst for the continuing enhancement of the area, especially Praed Street – in much the same way that The Shard did for London Bridge," said property tycoon Irvine Sellar. "This site shares much of the same DNA with its proximity to a major transport hub with tube, railway lines and bus routes, a neighbouring leading teaching hospital and the potential to provide much needed quality public realm.”

If planning permission is granted, construction could start as early as 2016. Should we be excited about this, or do you reckon the money could be put to better use elsewhere? Nobody actually cares, but let us know anyway.