Would You Live in a Murder House if it Was Super Cheap?

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

On paper, it’s a steal. A refurbished one-bedroom flat with its own kitchen, living room and balcony in Muswell Hill, North London. It’s shitloads cheaper than surrounding properties too, valued at around £300,000. That really, really isn't bad. It's certainly up there with Liverpool's 'Homes for a Pound' scheme and the £1 rental for web app devs.

Yet nobody’s particularly interested, and for good reason. 23D Cranley Gardens has a murky, disturbing, horrific, nightmarish, heebie-jeebies-inducing past. In the late 70s and early 80s, it was home to Dennis Nilsen, a former Jobcentre clerk who had the nasty habit of luring people home and murdering them. He also had a penchant for dissecting and eating the corpses, even engaging in twisted sex acts with them. A right horrible piece of work. He was caught in 1983, after a Dyno-Rod worker discovered bits of flesh and bone under a drain cover outside the house -- Nilsen had been flushing chunks down the loo -- and was duly slapped with a fine and 100 hours of community service (obviously not, he’s still in prison).


The bargain house isn't quite as tempting now, eh. Or perhaps it still is. We're wondering what you'd do if you were offered a murder home for a knockdown price. Paranormal Activity scares the shit out of me, so I’d steer well clear. I'm a brave bastard too. Just kidding. Are you just as lily-livered as me, or are you tough enough to allow history to remain history? Share your thoughts in the comments section. [Rightmove, London Police]