You Can Play as a Gun-Toting Billy Connolly in Broforce

By Gerald Lynch on at

A superb homage to 80s and 90s classic action films, Broforce is the PC game you should be playing this weekend. It has many delights, from its hard-as-nails retro shooter action, through to its throwback pixel art and destructible environments. But it is its character swapping trick that will raise the most smiles from anyone that's ever got a kick out of a ludicrous Rambo kill-count.

In Broforce, extra lives come not in the shape of little hearts, but in tiny pixel versions of classic action heroes. Liberate a super soldier from the hands of the enemy, and the next time you die, you respawn as a parody version of the character you saved. Everyone from Die Hard's John McClane to RoboCop, Judge Dredd to Ash from The Evil Dead make appearances.

Each has its own unique powers too, from the Terminator's ability to transform into the T-800 skeleton to Chuck Norris's ability to...release explosive chickens. Yep.

However, perhaps best of all is taking control of The Boondock Saints' MacManus brothers. While they're not quite as iconic as Conan the Barbarian or Ripley from Alien, their special ability allows you to bring old man Il Duce into the action. And, for anyone familiar with the film, Il Duce was played by Billy Connolly. So, Broforce let's you play as an 8-bit, gun-toting Billy Connolly. That's just.. just... brilliant.

Though Broforce has been available in an early-access state for a good while now, it's only just finally hit its final release stage, meaning you can pick up the PC game from Steam in its definitively polished state for £7.99 right now (that's 33 per cent off its usual £11.99 price). To paraphrase Arnie at the end of Predator; DO IT! DO IT NOW!

Check out the full video review from the hilarious chaps over at Videogamer below if you need more convincing.