Abused Top Gear Producer Oisin Tymon to Sue Jeremy Clarkson For Racial Discrimination

By Gary Cutlack on at

Oisin Tymon, the man who was at the centre of the meatgate scandal that ended with Jeremy Clarkson leaving the BBC and Top Gear disappearing from TV screens is now suing the BBC and Clarkson himself, claiming a case of racial discrimination arose from the fracas back in March.

The BBC reports that lawyers representing Clarkson and the BBC met with a rival legal team acting on behalf of former Top Gear producer Tymon at an employment tribunal of sorts earlier today, representing quite a sea change from last year when Tymon refused to press charges against Clarkson.

The BBC's own inquiry into the event found that Tymon was subjected to an "unprovoked physical and verbal attack," but didn't make mention of any racial elements or undertones. [BBC]