Adele's 25 Will Not Be on Spotify or Other Streaming Services

By Mario Aguilar on at

Adele’s highly anticipated new record 25 will not be available on Spotify, according to the music streaming company. Hello? More like 'Goodbye'.

Here’s the canned statement provided to Gizmodo:

“We love and respect Adele, as do her 24 million fans on Spotify. We hope that she will give those fans the opportunity to enjoy 25 on Spotify alongside 19 and 21 very soon.”

According to sources familiar with the matter, the record won’t be made available to other streaming services, like Apple Music and Deezer, either.

There’s no time frame for when the new record might be made available, though, Adele’s previous two records did eventually make their way to streaming services but only after a long period of time.

Adele isn’t the only huge artist holding music back from streaming. Last year, Taylor Swift caused a major row when she lashed out against Spotify for supposedly ripping off artists and refused to make her record 1989 available to the service. It was, however, available to Apple Music.

1989 ended up being one of the bestselling albums of 2014, which would seem to confirm the conventional wisdom that streaming cannibalises physical sales.

Adele’s record will surely be a smash as well, so mark another victory for the traditional record business – as a huge middle-of-the-road star, releasing before Christmas, it's likely that tech-averse mums, dads, grans and grandads across the globe will find CD copies of 25 wrapped up under their trees come December 25th.

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