Alleged ISIS Anti-hack Checklist Published by its New Enemy Anonymous

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some rudimentary rules on how not to get hacked have been published online, allegedly coming from terror group ISIS and telling its members how to avoid getting publicly shamed by Anonymous hackers.

Now that the internet's terrorists are taking on the actual terrorists, social media accounts with apparent links to ISIS are sharing a plan of action to keep, ahem, safe. The list originated on an ISIS-affiliated account that uses chat app Telegram to proliferate its messages through anonymous streams, and boils down to:

- Don't open links
- Use a VPN
- Block anonymous contacts
- Don't direct-message on Twitter
- Don't share usernames and email account names

All sound advice we've ditched out to parents and work colleagues in the past, and all probably not much use against properly organised and motivated hackers. The security advice to ISIS members was rooted out an posted on Twitter by GhostSecPI, with the comedy replies and additions already rolling in, such as: 

- Do not respond to any offers from Nigeria, no matter how good they sound
- Do not heed invitations for the enlargening of your penis. These are sham products and the source of great disappointment

Oh, the laughs we're all having about terrorism. [Mirror]