An iPhone 7 Without a Headphone Jack is Super-Slim Smartphones Gone Mad

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's Jony Ive and the rest of the Cupertino design crew, whilst on their never-ending quest to put the iPhone on a diet, may well have claimed another well-loved scalp in the process. If rumours are to prove true, the iPhone 7 may sacrifice its 3.5mm headphone jack for the sake of slimming down the phone even further.

It's a rumour that we've heard mentioned before. MacOtakara claims that Apple will instead require those who wish to have a wired audio connection to their iPhones to use a new wave of cans which hook up over the company's Lightning connection. This could have some benefits beyond slimming down the device, including the option of having headphone-based DACs for better amplification and signal processing.

However, doing away with with the headphone port would likely save only a measly 1mm of pocket space, which could also have a knock-on effect to the size of the battery Apple installs in the phone. The use of non-proprietary headphones would also be limited to wireless Bluetooth headsets, or necessitate the purchase of another pricey Apple-only converter adapter. And though Apple has plenty of clout in the music and audio industry, there's nothing to say that {(beyond the handful of manufacturers already dabbling in Lightning port headphones) many can-makers would jump aboard Apple's ship – which, considering the quality of Apple's own-brand packed-in headphones, could be disastrous for music fans whose iPhone remains their primary playback device.

Being so far out from any potential iPhone 7 launch (and given MacOtakara's sometimes sketchy track record) this must all be taken with a pinch of salt. However, Apple's always been unafraid of forcing change on a sometimes-unprepared industry. We may all be forced to keep up. [Macrumors via MacOtakara]


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