And the Drink Driving Capital of the UK is...

By Gary Cutlack on at

Analysis of car insurance quotes and the declared prosecutions of the baddest of the drivers seems to have pinpointed the UK's most dense spot of drink-drivers, with the motorists of Crewe the most likely to opt for the car after a night on the fruity alcopops.

According to Moneysupermarket data that analysed 11 million separate car insurance quotes performed over the last year, the poor Cheshire town is home to the highest proportion of convicted drink-drivers, with a rate of 1.74 per 1,000 drivers clicking the checkbox of shame when applying for insurance.

Four Welsh post codes make up the top five, meaning that either Welsh police are hot on wobbly drivers or there's more of a propensity toward chancing it after a night out among Welsh car owners. Things appear to be on the up, though, as Crewe's 1.74 per thousand stat is well below last year's town of shame Llandrindod Wells, which topped 2014's drunkest drivers chart with a 1.98 per 1,000 prosecuted applicant number.

London has the lowest proportion of convicted drink drivers on its books, with some districts hitting a low of just 0.12 cases per 1,000 -- hardly surprising given the hell and expense of owning and driving a car in some parts of the capital. [Guardian]

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