Apple Security Caught Booting Black Kids Out of an Apple Store

By Gary Cutlack on at

An Apple Store manager in Melbourne has been forced to apologise to a group of local schoolkids, after staff and security guards kicked them out of the shop for suggesting it looked like they "might steal something."

The cringeworthy video shows the kids in Melbourne's Highpoint shopping centre being asked to leave. One of the kids had the wherewithal to sense a looming social media outcry and filmed the encounter, capturing the end of the confrontation. 

"These guys are just a bit worried about your presence in our store," an Apple staff member is heard telling the kids, adding that "they're just worried you might steal something."

"End of discussion. I need to ask you to leave our store" is how the clip ended, with the kids, obviously aware what was happening was a bit of classic olde worlde racism, taking it all in good humour. The video recorded by one of the group soon hit Facebook -- oh, and the international news -- with Apple's local chain boss forced to say sorry after the kids' headteacher took them back to the shop to complain. 

"They apologised, so we're chilling, no need to take it further," said one of the boys involved via Facebook, displaying vastly more awareness and maturity than Apple's idiotic bouncers. [BBC]