Apple Music Finally Comes to Sonos December 15th

By Adam Clark Estes on at

In two weeks, you’ll be able to listen to Apple Music on Sonos’s great wireless music system. Both companies have teamed up for a public beta starting December 15th. The full rollout will happen in early 2016.

Apple Music has attracted millions of subscribers since its launch last summer and constituted a major service hole in Sonos’ otherwise robust listing of service, which includes important Apple Music competitors like Spotify. This is significant also because it’s an apparent admission on Apple’s part that its limited AirPlay wifi music protocol won’t be the only show in town. Apple and Sonos have come to an understanding, and all of Apple Music’s features will work seamlessly with the Sonos’ system. And you don’t even have to deal with iTunes!

Image via Sonos / Gizmodo


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